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Friday, 13 April 2012

Ming And Weibo

First of all, yesterday was not a good day for me to be honest. I'm having fever, flu and cough. Package, so what? Straight to the point, I haven't open up my weibo account since last Friday as my busy schedule on Bella's wedding this week. Obviously it's just an excuse. Recently, I've being active on commented photos of Ming, which is, he is a Chinese actor in Malaysia. Whenever he upload his picture either his selca, his shooting scene or whatsoover, i'll LIKE it and comment on it. But, my post was like somebody always delete it. No wonder because his fans are almost teenagers. I mean, girls. So I complained to his weibo account and I told him what is going on and I feel so sad about this.

So yesterday, I opened up my weibo and saw that he replied me! OMG! I was like..

Am I dreaming or what? I never thought that he would even read my 'tweet' or some sort of a sad story..

And the HUGS part.. I can't even.. I mean, come on, i'm not cute like his other fans but still, he's being good with everyone including me. Unfortunately, I noticed this on 12th April 2012, Thursday, which is it was yesterday but he replied me on.. as you guys can see on the picture up there. Kinda late is it? But after all, i'm damn happy! Yeehaaaa!

p/s : He is so damn cute, charming and handsome. Yeah.. Obviously.

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